YES, I make portraits!

A portrait of a young lady made in Asheville, North Carolina.

Yes! I make portraits!!!

Two out of three clients this month told me that they had no idea that I offered portrait photography. One knew me as a wedding photographer. The other knew me a a fine art photographer. Neither wanted to offend or bother me with portraits of their kiddos. I realized that I don’t share enough about what I do. This is going to change starting with this post!
Since leaving the wedding photography world, I have been working on my fine art works with books and prints.
However, I have also been focused on portraits. I have a deep need to make portraits, for myself and my clients. It is a love.
There is a beautiful exchange of energy created during that brief moment of exposure. During which, we share with one another, to in turn share with the world, your friends, your family and the future. Heirlooms, artifacts, archives, legacy, what ever you want to call them. They are important.
They scream, “I am here”.
They whisper “I was here”.
I am an artistic historian. We will never relive that second.
I am an engaging creative. We share our moods and experience.
I am a portrait photographer. I am honored to be one.
I have 2 more spots open for the June Kiddo event for just $325. The 23rd and the 30th. (this is a discounted session fee. All prints and art pieces are purchased separately.)

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