Who cares? < Who cares.

This phrase can be a question or a comment, derogatory or inquisitive. Tone and intention likely dictates the outcome.
While deliberating whether or not to resurrect this blog and make a newsletter or even one of my photography workshops, sharing what I was up to in the world, tips, tricks and stories, this phrase kept popping in my head. Every time I would think of something to share I thought, “who cares.” I needed to set this pesky thought down and give it a good talking to.
I started by making a list of folks that have said how much they enjoy my words and pictures. Then I looked through comments and messages on my social channels. Turns out that there are more than a handful of folks that do care to know what I’ve been up to.
Thats good enough for me.
So here ya go handful of folks. The first of many…

Oh and thank you Anita Watkins for making this image of me at the Badlands Workshops! Still one of my very favorites!




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