I just returned from my South Dakota Badlands Workshop/Retreat

I just returned from my South Dakota Badlands Workshop/Retreat

This is what I came away with…

                                                                                           “I’ve seen clouds that seemed to be dropping from the sky”

This is my 5th year inviting folks to join me and my workshop/retreat in the South Dakota Badlands. This place has always pulled me in.
The first time I drove coast to coast back in ’91 I passed through this magical land. It defies words and alludes pictures. But I will give it a whirl…
The Badlands are a strange collection of terrain, with its towering spires of many colors and shapes falling into deep crevices that seem to be bottomless. These eroded hills reveal layers of history and even pre-history. Fossilized remains of plants and animals are scattered about for us to ponder.
The weather can be harsh, from HOT to bone chilling colds. High winds frequently wail. Clouds thread their way through the jagged pinnacles and sometimes through you. I’ve seen clouds that seemed to be dropping from the sky. And when the rains let loose, the soil turns into the slipperiest AND the stickiest mud you will ever find. The mud here belly laughs at 4×4’s while turning your boot into a 15lb weight in one step, only to add a pound with each additional step until you are forced to give your foot a quick kick to send mud flying, thus losing a couple pounds just so you can take another step or you can simply accept your fate and prepare to join all of the dinosaur bones.
All of this is the playground for the American bison, big horn sheep, bald eagles, coyotes, rattlesnakes, badgers, ferrets, and about 10 billion prairie dogs, each one more cute than the last. Cute but deadly!


To me, this is an inviting desolation. Solitude. A fortress of. Many of you already know that I published a book at the start of 2022 by the same name.
Grab your copy here.
This is why I have kept coming here for over 30 years. It is my happy place. It is also a place to recharge, rejuvenate and inspire. This place holds magic. It has become one of my most popular and revered retreats. One can truly find themselves.


                                                                                                           What is the focus of this workshop?

For 5 days we focus on finding our own creative process. How we see and why we see the way we see are explored with the idea that the camera may very well be getting in your way.

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