Who cares? < Who cares.

This phrase can be a question or a comment, derogatory or inquisitive. Tone and intention likely dictates the outcome. While deliberating whether or not to resurrect this blog and make

The resurrection has begun!

  Allow myself to introduce myself… This is a me. It’s a pretty good likeness of me most of the time. Minus the hair. That is actually white Buffalo hair! But

4 Days with another “new camera”

hello world. Sorry its been so long since I posted anything. I have been hiding out for a while and doing the work.  Something has me excited though and I

Another workshop in the books 2/?

Hello again world, Last time around I shone the spot light on the amazing souls that attended my last workshop. I am truly humbled by the talent and honest effort they brought

dancing with light- asheville portrait photographer

Hello world, I pretty much dance into all genres of the photographic arts. Some of my favorites are when I get to spend time with other artists. Case in point,

Asheville Portrait Photographer with Sarah

Hello world, Thank you for stopping by. Today I wanted to share a portrait shoot I did a while back with Sarah Merrell, her horses and a beautiful handmade  Ship