An introduction to my 5 creative archetypes

“How did you come up with this idea?” “How did you think of doing that?” 

I used to say, It just came to me or maybe just years of practice.Or maybe I would say my favorite smart ass line, “I don’t know, I fell down and the camera went off.”
Truth was, I really didn’t know where a lot of my work came from or how I had created them.
It was as if I was on some sort of autopilot.
When I started teaching others at workshops and seminars I needed to give voice to my creative process to help others along with their own.
I knew that we all have a different experience, approach, technique, and process. I knew that our uncovering of who we are and finding our beliefs was very important to giving a voice to our own imagery. This gives us our purpose in the arts. I knew that if I could get them to the “purpose of their art” summit, it would be smooth sailing from there. And I did. I was and am good at that.
But I wanted to give them more. Take them further into their own process. Elevate what they are creating and give them a deeper understanding of how they operate so they can repeat it and grow.
I have come to know the 5 archetypes that reside within me and lead me to creating thought provoking imagery. I believe that knowing these 5 archetypes well is the way we can find deeper meaning, be more thoughtful, creative, and technically capable with the images we create.

Allow me to introduce you to these 5 very important pieces of the artistic puzzle.

The Dreamer
The Architect
The Technician
The Magician
The Zen Master
They arrive in different order for different people.
After teaching for over 20 years now, I notice that most photographers struggle with The Technician, in one way or another. The Technician usually shows up first on the scene and wont allow the other archetypes to speak. You can be a technical wizard but still produce unfulfilled imagery. Or, maybe your Technician struggles, but the other archetypes are clear leaving you again with unfulfilled imagery.
It is the harmony found in these 5 archetypes that I believe can launch you and your art into an epic revival.
This is the new path of artistic enlightenment and I am so excited about sharing it with you.
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